Anja Vissers
All-in-one concept
All-in-one concept

Studio Anja Vissers takes responsibility for all areas of construction in every project. In the design or renovation of a villa with accompanying interior, as well as in interior design projects, we start from an all-in-one approach in which we coordinate everything and you need never be concerned with the stress of construction.

To create a harmonious and balanced fusion between inside and outside, architecture and interior, we always work from the inside out. This approach gives rise to functional spaces that focus on spaciousness and light. In addition, from the beginning of every project consideration is given to the total living environment and every detail that accompanies it.

At Studio Anja Vissers, a detail isn’t just a detail.

Our projects are distinguished not only by their balanced design but also by the detail work. Our approach is highly precision-oriented all along the line. Every project we deliver is a house that functions, where architecture, interior and environment are perfectly attuned to each other, because we work in a very precise way. For that reason we also work exclusively with craftspeople who share our eye for detail.

All-in-one concept

Open communication and honesty are the basis of every project.

Guiding our clients through the design, decision-making and construction processes is our top priority. You can expect a perfect balance between professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm from the first discussion to the completion of your warm, refined, contemporary home.

All-in-one concept
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